Our guests have been feeling at home at our inn already for the last 133 years! THE RAVBAR INN


You can find our inn under the Tabor hill, which offers beautiful views across the Karst region and beyond. We live and work at the Karst and this of course gets reflected in our menus, which are diverse and adjusted to each season.

In the Karst region everything revolves around the Karst prosciutto, so that is why we always start with this famous delicious treat.

We are great pasta experts as well – our guests can choose between delicious cannelloni, different raviolis or noodles, but we also serve tasty traditional štruklji and of course gnocchi.

Without our signature roasted veal shanks and young lamb no meal would be complete and our lovely desserts round up our great offer – among the most popular are walnut štruklji, the so called paštakrema, fig pies and chocolate mousse.

Additionally, we will pamper you with the exquisite Karst teran, which we produce ourselves, and also with several other selected bottles of great winemakers from the Primorska region.

Our guests have been feeling at home at our inn already for the last 132 years!

The Ravbar Inn, Dutovlje - Kras, Slovenia.


The inn was founded on August 16th 1888 by Ivan Ravbar from Voglje and Viktorija from the village of Mavhinje. Ivan invested a third of the compensation he had received from his mother and brother, Viktorija her two cows she got as dowry. And so the foundations for the Ravbar Inn were set and the long family inn history began. Ivan and Viktorija had 10 sons. One of them, Janko, succeeded the family tradition of running the inn and despite the turbulent war and post-war times, successfully build on it together with his wife Marija. When Janko's son Vladimir took over the inn, he and his wife Darinka lovingly renovated the worn down spaces of the inn and attracted numerous new guests from Trieste with their signature veal shank and gnocchi dishes Today, Ivan and his wife Nataša are preserving the special bond with the past – not only in the kitchen but also in the dining rooms of the inn. Sometimes Ivan still stubbornly insists to stick with updated menu classics which are always a hit, while sister Alica takes care of the dining rooms and the well-being of the guests. Soon already the fifth generation of the Ravbar family will take over.


Thursday: 11 - 16, 18 - 22

Friday: 11 - 16, 18 - 22

Saturday: 11 - 16, 18 - 22

Sunday: 11 - 16, 18 - 22


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